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Goonies in Hotdog Magazine 2004


Nostalgia is a funny thing. So often films reappear revived and celebrated as the classics they most surely aren’t, a sad indictment of the wistful reminiscence that afflicts us all into adulthood. Yet to attribute the emergence of The Goonies as the bona fide cult classic it has become to such a sentiment would be a gross disservice. Originally conceived by Steven Spielberg as a vehicle for his new production company, Amblin Entertainment, this buccaneering quest of adolescent friends searching for the buried treasure of a mysterious pirate named One-Eyed Willy is, quite simply, pre-teen fun at its very best. For all its Indiana Jones thrills and spills and Scooby-Doo inspired plot, the real secret to the prolonged success of a movie fast approaching its twentieth anniversary rests more with its wisecracking lead characters than its shiver-yer-timbers action. As the film’s director Richard Donner acknowledged at the time of shooting, “The picture is the kids.”

Turing the cute and boisterous into genuinely funny characters would not, however, be plain sailing for the normally effervescent Donner. “I think the unique thing about working with the kids on this picture is that every night I’m contemplating suicide,” he joked in 1985. “Individually, they’re wonderful, the warmest little things that have come into my life. But in composite form you get them together and it’s mind-blowing.”

While the rambunctious Goonies cast may have left him on the verge of a nervous breakdown, a dynamic bond was nonetheless formed between the veteran filmmaker and his youthful ensemble, a bond crucial in understanding the film’s success and longevity. “He’d get mad when we were goofing around sometimes,” laughs Sean Astin, the leader of the gang. “But while he was screaming his lungs out we’d play a joke on him, like squirting him with water or something. Then it would be hard for him to be mad because he’d be laughing too much.”

Steven Spielberg dictated the story for The Goonies to his protégé Chris Columbus (Home Alone, Harry Potter) in early 1984, and charged the young writer/director with the responsibility of writing its screenplay. Throughout the eighties, Spielberg had enthusiastically invested in the talents of those whom he felt shared his creative sensibilities, offering the emerging Joe Dante the opportunity to direct Gremlins, and encouraging Robert Zemeckis to helm his self-penned Back to the Future. It was perhaps because of Zemeckis’ commitment to the iconic time travel flick that Spielberg, in his capacity as executive producer, turned to Donner for The Goonies – thus acquiring the services of a filmmaker who had already proved his own blockbuster credentials with the hits The Omen and Superman during the late seventies.

Alternate Ending – Goonies Song

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Just when you thought that there was no more to know about The Goonies, I have this for you.

Richard Donner wanted the Goonies to sing a song when the credits rolled at the end of the movie. A song was written by the onset teacher Rhoda and a tape recording of it was brought onto the set for the kids to learn.
The alternate ending didn’t happen but the author of the song was kind enough to share the lyrics with me, so here you go guys:

Goon Dock, Goon Dock, Goon Dock rock,
That’s the key to unlock
The mystery.
Play that chord in the key of G (for Goonies)
Then all aboard
Open Sesame!!!

Opportunity knocks
To save the Goon Docks
Thanks to one-eyed Willie Wilcox.

Now we’ve found that pirates hoard
In the Goonie Grotto,
Take all that can be stored
Is the Goonie Motto.

Goon Dock, Goon Dock, Goon Dock rock,
That’s the key to unlock
The TREASURE, Wheeeeeee.!!!!!!

Goonies Cartoon

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Cartoon Network and The Donners’ Company were working on a cartoon version of The Goonies that would have picked up right where the movie left off. It was going to incorporate all the deleted scenes from the original (like the Gorillas, Leeches, etc.) along with new adventures.

The latest word on what has stopped the production is that the cast wanted too much money for their likeness. We heard the first contract was rejected (this isn’t uncommon in the industry), but no follow up was made by Cartoon Network to work something out. Let’s remember that the original cast makes nothing from all the Goonies DVD’s and TV showings that continue to sell today, so I’m sure all they wanted was a fair share of the profits. Hopefully they will work something out in the near future. We will keep up on this if something develops.

Goonies 20th Anniversary Celebration


2005 marked the 20th anniversary of The Goonies Movie, and Astoria celibrated with an event of their own. Over 1000 people showed up to meet some of the original cast, tour the town, watch The Goonies in the theature, plus a sneak peek at the new Goonies Documentary.

A bunch of great people got together and made this event possible.
To read more, visit:
Special thanks to Andy (theoriginalgoonie).
Below is the original promotional information for the event.

Never Say Die! Goonies 20th Anniversary Celebration
June 3-5, 2005

Goonies fans from around the world are planning to gather in Astoria for the 20th anniversary of the release of The Goonies which has achieved “cult film” status.

The Columbian Theater, located at 11th & Marine in downtown Astoria, will be showing The Goonies on the silver screen several times over the weekend. The Columbian serves gourmet pizza throughout the theater and beer & wine in the balcony.

In addition to the film, we will be showing the latest Goonies documentary by Ron Fugelseth and Patrick Radcliff with each showing.

3 hour bus tours of the movie sites! Groups of 25 will be chauffeured around the region to visit sites seen in The Goonies, including an interior tour of the Goonie House and a stop at Ecola State Park*, the route will include the old County Jail, Warren Field, “Mouth’s House”, Lower Columbia Bowling Alley, Astoria Coffee Co., and the historic Flavel House. The only way to access the interior of the Goonies House is by taking the bus tour. *If heavy traffic conditions prevail, Ecola State Park may be removed from the tour.

Jeff Cohen, the actor who played “Chunk”, will be in Astoria to perform his multimedia program “Growing Up Goonie”. Jeff talks about the movie, his cast mates (who all still stay in touch), the possibility of a new Goonies movie, shows clips and selects lucky audience members to compete in the Truffle Shuffle dance contest. Jeff will sign autographs when the show is over.

Opportunities for more conversation with Jeff and those who were involved in filming in Astoria can be had by attending a special breakfast or dinner, both being planned by the organizers. Not everyone will be able to attend these events, so register early if you are interested!